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I love winter! It's such a beautiful season and I love how the crystal white snow cover the trees, houses and roads. Everything is bright, crisp and sparkling. But winter is, as we all know, very cold. Horrendously cold. Too cold. At least for someone like me, who's always cold. Therefore, I'm not that good at handling the cold and my outfits during this season is not the most appealing ones... I see girls (and boys) everyday dressed in beautiful (but thin) coats, delicate blouses, slip-on shoes, no hat and no gloves. They look like someone from a fashion magazine and even though I look down at my quilted jacket, worn out jeans and my boring bag, feeling like the ugliest person in the world, all I can think of is how cold it must be wearing nothing when there's like -17 degrees Celsius outside. No, I'd rather stay warm and look ugly than freeze to death and look good. Everyday. Guys, if you just knew how many amazing outfits I have stored for Spring... You just wait! :-)



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