Haven't we all been there? Sitting down by our desk with a cup of tea or coffee, ready to shut out the outside world and begin a session of "perfect studying"? Yes, we've all been there when the books are no longer interesting and Youtube is far more entertaining. I know it's a struggle for many youths today (including me) to find that concentration you need for studying. So, I thought I'd make a guide for better studying! These are some tips and tricks that have helped me anyway. 


1. Put away your phone, or at least put it on airplane mode to avoid any disturbing sounds. It actually takes the brain 20 minutes to concentrate again after hearing a disturbing sound like a text message etc. 

2. Make up a list of all the things you have to do during this study session. It feels much better when you can tick things off!

3. Set a timer for the amount of time you wish. I usually set it on 30 min (or more) and then I know I just have to work with a thing for 30 min and then it's over. Doing this usually results in setting the timer on another 30 min because your work is going so well. ;)

4. Listen to music! I cannot listen to music where people sing when I'm studying, so I listen to classical or film music. I do recommend!

5. Reward yourself with a healthy snack that gives you lots of energy! For example, a plate of fruit, a bowl of yogurt, fruit drink etc.

6. Make sure your desk (or what ever you are studying by) is organised and clean. Also, make your studying is cozy with lighting candles etc. 

7. Take a break! This is very important as well. Though I wouldn't say watching a movie or playing with your phone is having a break. Do something completely different! Take a walk, do jumping jacks, clean you room... I don't know, something that does not include sitting down and watching a screen. 


So! Hope one of these 7 points helped you a little bit anyway! Please let me know if you have any tips, I'd love to hear them! 


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