Since I've spent the last year in one of the world's greatest cities I thought I'd make a post about why everyone should love London. These are some the things I enjoyed the most. And also... Please ask if you have any questions about my time living in London! Enjoy!


1. London is a city full of opportunities. There are always events going on where you can meet new people, have new experiences and enjoy the beautiful city.
(the picture below is at London Film Festival situated by Tower Bridge)


2. London is a city with culture. The city is crowded with different museums that gives you a look into history, science, literature and art. Also, there's so many different cultural parts of London; China Town, Shoreditch, Little India etc. There's so much to see and learn!!! (the picture below is at my favourite museum The Victoria & Albert Museum)


3. The restaurants and cafes are truly amazing (not all of them of course). London offers a great variety of food from all the different corners of the world. Their tea and pastries are wonderful as well, but the Londoners sure knows how to make coffee. When living there Harris+Hoole & Costa were my absolute favourites!
(the picture below is at Petersham Nurseries)


4. Wherever you go, you'll meet a friendly face. People are just generally nice over there. (this picture below is obviously of The Elizabeth Tower)


5. I had a hard time deciding this point... I'll have to let two things share this point because I could not decide which one I liked the most... London offers a great deal of different markets. Personally, I think Camden Market is the best (especially their food market which is HUGE) but Covent Garden and Borough Market are very nice as well. Also, the parks and green areas are truly beautiful and so cozy to stay and have a picnick in. My favourite parks are probably Richmond Park & St. James's Park.
(the picture below is at Covent Garden)


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