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I think you've noticed all the pictures from China I'm posting? I thought a write about my trips to China and why I've become so attached to this beautiful country.

My first journey to China was Spring 2013. Our relatives had moved to Shanghai so we went to Shanghai to visit them. The first thing that shocked me was the air... It was so weird looking up the sky and seeing a grey-blue sky insted of a clear blue. The second thing that shocked me was the big - and apparent - difference between the living conditions. Right next to the big, shiny sky-skrapers was small houses made of plate and wood. But even then I couldn't stop being fascinated by this new country with a rather different culture compared to the ones we have here in Sweden. 

It was not until we visited some cultural places in Shanghai or just walked around downtown that I saw the beauty of this country. China is not only a country where they build skyskrapers in just 5 months (!!!)  no, they have kept so much of their culture and beautiful houses/buildings/streets etc. And the people are just lovely and the food... It's so delicious I get hungry just thinking about it!

The second time I visited China was Autumn 2014, and by then I was actually studying Chinese. First we went to Beijing. Since I had learned some Chinese and more about the Chinese history and culture I saw the country in a totally different way. I understood the some signs, what they where saying and why pushing and thronging wasn't disrespectful or weird. It opened my eyes to this new world... I thought I was fascinated the first time I went there, but this was nothing in compare. 

Okay, enough with the fancy words and dreamy descriptions. If you go there I recommend you to visit Beijing and Shanghai (since that's the only places I've vistied in China). In Beijing, visit the Great Wall of China (we got a private tour, sooo amazing!), the Olympic Games city, The Forbidden city, The Summer Palace and just take a walk through old Beijing. Also, it's really cool to be a part of a Tea Ceremony or watch acrobatics and don't forget to buy something to eat at the Food Market. They have spiders, scorpions, seastars and lots of other yummy things. (They have dumplings and noodles too, dont worry). We then took the fast train to Shanghai and visited a bounch of old and new parts of Shanghai,we also ate lunch on the 91st floor in one of the buildings by The Bund. In Shanghai we spent most of our time with our relatives but I bet there are some cool places there I've not visited! 

So, if you ever get the chance, GO! Go with an open-mind and you'll see what I'm talking about!


I hope you made it all the way down here! 


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